What Is An Ionic Hair Dryer?

Image of water droplets representing ions

If you have been looking around for a new hairdryer recently you would have noticed that, like everything else, technology has changed the way we do things. Previously you just went with a hairdryer you liked the look of but now the packaging states things like ” Ion powered ” or ” Tourmaline powered “. It can get confusing and we want to help you pick the correct dryer for your hair type. There really is no point paying more money for a feature that you may not have even required in the first place. Hopefully going through this article as we break down and explain each feature will help you avoid such a mishap.

Ionic Technology Hairdryers Explained

The biggest reason people are buying Ion hairdryers is so they can have less frizz when they finish. Normal hairdryers simply emit heat that evaporates the water thus drying your hair. The problem is the hot air coming from the dryer has positive ions and can cause the cuticles to lift up. They can also dry the naturally produced moisture from your hair and the result can leave your hair looking frizzy, dry and static.
The difference with an Ion hairdryer is they instead produce negative Ions. This results in a much gentler and quicker blow drying session. Results show it can actually cut drying time by half. These negative Ions also prevent your hair from going frizzy by keeping the cuticles down and not drying out the moisture your hair should naturally have. 

All the benefits of an Ion hairdryer

  • Leaves hair less frizzy after use.
  • Not as damaging on your hair as a normal hairdryer.
  • Cut drying time by up to half.
  • Hair will be left softer as Ion technology will lock in hair moisture.
  • Ionic hairdryers are actually lighter than normal and this technology has also proven more durable so your purchase should last longer.
  • Also great for thicker hair
  • Also great for curly hair as your hair will keep more of its natural moisture. This will result in frizz free curls
  • Will cost more than a standard hairdryer though so keep this in mind

So what is a Ceramic Hairdryer?

So Ceramic is a material usually made of clay. It can also be added to a hairdryer either in the heating element or as a coating placed in some parts. It creates an infrared heat. Think of the hob on your Ceramic cooker. This is just that in a smaller handheld form. This is a more gentle heat and will prevent less damage to your hair. Other benefits are the Ceramic creates a more even heat. It also preserves more of your hairs natural moisture and produces a much more shinier finish. Again expect to pay a bit more than a standard hairdryer.

Then what is a Tourmaline Hairdryer?

Tourmaline is actually a semi-precious mineral. When heat is added this mineral produces lots of negative Ions. Internal parts are moulded with the mineral or in some cases even just crushed into powder and spread around different areas of the dryer. It also uses infrared heat so you get a combination of negative Ions and Infrared drying. This results in water molecules on your hair actually being broken down so less heat is required to dry your hair. This makes it far less damaging on your hair but also results in the benefits we mentioned above with Ion technology. Far less frizz and more moisture left in your hair.

Some expensive hairdryers actually use all 3 of Ion, Ceramic and Tourmaline in their hairdryers. So you get all the benefits listed above of all 3 features in the 1 device. You will find salons using these more than people in your home though. Here is a quick video showing how workers actually get Tourmaline.

Lastly what is the cool setting then?

Whilst we are here we may as well answer a question we hear often. What is the cool shot setting on a hairdryer actually for?. Well apart from cooling you down when you come out a warm shower that is. The real reason for a cool shot setting on a hairdryer is that you use it towards the end of your blow dry and it makes your hair easier to style. Not only that it helps your style stay in place longer. Your hair sets as it cools so if you dry your hair by around 80 percent, then dry the last 20 percent with the cool setting it gives it a firmer hold. Give it a try if you haven’t already. 

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